Air horn vigilante fights back against home invasions

An air horn is a classic dad gag, but one Melbourne father's using the joke prop to fight crime. 

Steve Archibald is patrolling his suburb with nothing but a horn, trying to put a stop to home invasions in his crime plagued neighbourhood.

"The pure sound of this and shock should be enough to break the initiative of someone who is motivated to break into your home," Mr Archibald told Channel 7's Sunrise programme.

The ex-army man is using a peaceful albeit loud solution to make residents feel safer in their homes. 

"As a tight-knit little group, we do feel definitely more secure knowing there is another option in the event of an intruder," Mr Archibald says. 

On a clear day, the noise can be heard up to over a kilometre away. 

He's also passing out the loud tools to his neighbours so they too can join in on the crime fighting fun.