Another awkward handshake moment for Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has appeared to reject a handshake invitation from German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House.

The awkward moment happened during the usual photo opportunity for leaders visiting the White House. Ms Merkel sat on the left and Mr Trump sat on the right, posing for cameras.

In the video, photographers call out "handshake?" and the German leader turns to Mr Trump. She can be heard saying, "Do you want a handshake?" but Mr Trump appears either not to hear, or be ignoring her.

After a moment, Ms Merkel turns back to the cameras and for a split second shows an expression of what looks like amused relief.

Mr Trump has become notorious for his awkward handshakes, most recently for an excessive greeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

In January, Canadian Prime Minister and trained boxer Justin Trudeau showed the world how to handle a 'Trumpshake'.

Trump 'very seldom' regrets tweets

Mr Trump said during his appearance with Ms Merkel he "very seldom" regrets anything he tweets, brushing off questions about his claims without evidence that his predecessor, Democrat Barack Obama, wiretapped him during last year's presidential campaign.

Mr Trump said "at least we have something in common", apparently referring to reports during Mr Obama's presidency that the United States bugged her phone.

Congressional leaders from both political parties say they do not believe Mr Trump was wiretapped.

Mr Trump also deflected criticism about a White House official who on Thursday repeated a charge that a British intelligence agency helped Mr Obama wiretap Mr Trump.

Mr Trump said press secretary Sean Spicer was merely quoting a Fox News analyst when he made the comments.

Mr Trump also told the audience the US and Germany's militaries will work together even more strongly to combat terrorism.

Ms Merkel told the crowd following the discussion by the two leaders that it's always good to talk to one another rather than about one another.

Reuters / Newshub.