Aussie mother-of-five dies after Bali vodka bender

A Queensland mother-of-five has died after it's believed she drank more than an entire bottle of vodka while on a girls' trip to Bali.

Cairns resident Summa Jean Simmonds was holidaying in Bali with her sister and another woman at a luxury resort in Seminyak, a popular tourist area - and died during a drinking session on Sunday (local time).

Balinese police say they believe the woman drank an entire bottle of vodka - the equivalent of 21 standard drinks - before having six more shots later that evening.

Photos of the scene show three empty bottles of vodka, alongside a handful of vodka mixes - and there was reportedly no sign that Ms Simmonds had been drinking arak, a local spirit that's been responsible for a number of tourist deaths in the past.

Police say Ms Simmonds had gone back to the trio's accommodation to get money ahead of a night out - but she never made it back out the door, and instead started the vomiting that would eventually lead to her death.

CPR and professional medical intervention were both unsuccessful - with a doctor concluding that her death was as a result of drinking too much alcohol.

"The victim fainted, was unconscious, and her pulse became weak. The victim's face and lips turned blue," Badung Police Precinct Chief Budi Setiawin said.

An autopsy is being carried out to officially determine the cause of death.