Backlash over M&M roll as a 'lunchbox snack'

Bakers delight m&m bread rolls
The promotion has caused outrage online (Bakers Delight)


Bakers Delight has caused outrage by marketing a bread roll covered in M&Ms as a lunchbox snack for kids. 

The popular bakery launched a back to school promotion in Australia, with a billboard ad featuring three products, including a white roll with bacon and cheese, a cheese and Vegemite scroll and four white finger buns with M&Ms sprinkled on top.

Below the rolls were the words "School lunches? Problem solved."

The promotion is also running in New Zealand, with the website featuring the rolls as a "lunchbox or after school snack".

The promotion received significant backlash, with one complainant to the Ad Standards Board saying "Advertising of lollies on bread for school lunches is appalling. Lunch and healthy food choices is challenging enough for most families and to have this as an acceptable choice is unfathomable.

"A company that promotes bread as sugar free this is a disgrace. This is only contributing to the childhood diabetes and obesity epidemic that we have in Australia."

A Facebook post showing the bread rolls also received backlash, with one person commenting "So much obesity in kids these days and behavioural issues from too much food colouring not to mention diabetes is an epidemic, yet shops continue to fill their windows with temptation for kids and parents feel guilty to deny them."

The bakery defended the ad, claiming the targeted audience was parents who might want to offer their children a "treat".

"It is intended to target busy parents during the back to school rush period, to encourage them to consider Bakers Delight in their purchasing decisions," the company told Sydney Morning Herald.

"It is our intention to promote this product as a limited time only treat for occasional eating," the company said.