'Big-breasted' drug smuggler busted again

Suellen Cryer (Facebook/supplied)
Suellen Cryer (Facebook/supplied)

It appears an ex-Qantas flight attendant with a history of smuggling drugs in her bra has been busted again.

Suellen Cryer, 64, has been charged in Australia with possession of cocaine and drug supply, reports News Corp.

She is being held in Dillwynia Women's Correctional Centre in Sydney and has indicated she will plead guilty.

Cryer's smuggling career began in the 1990s, after meeting a man called 'Bobby' in Los Angeles, the Daily Telegraph reported in 2007.

In 2006 she was in Los Angeles to buy a wedding present for her daughter, but instead spent the $4000 she had on cocaine. After stopping over in Auckland to consume some of the drugs, she was caught bringing the rest back to Australia in her bra - Bobby's idea, apparently.

"Because I happen to be a little bit big-breasted, he said they would fit under my breasts," she told a jury at the time, after pleading not guilty.

She claimed the cocaine was for personal use, but a police raid found more in her home, as well as scales, bags and powder used to dilute cocaine, making it more profitable to sell.

Large deposits were also being made into her bank account, which Cryer claimed were pokie winnings.

She was found guilty, but was arrested again in 2015 after taking drugs and a syringe into a correctional facility. She was placed on an 18-month good behaviour bond, which it appears may now be under threat.