London attack: Majority released in investigation

Just one of the 11 people arrested in relation to the terror attack in London remains in police custody - the rest have been released.

Meanwhile, police are trying to work out if anyone else knew what Khalid Masood planned to do.

Life is continuing in the city as business as usual.

With Brexit kicking off next week, the familiar protests to remain in the EU are back too.

But in the place where lives were taken three days ago, the protest turned to a vigil.

Minutes of silence were held throughout the country while in Birmingham, Muslim groups held a rally against terrorism.

The police investigation into what motivated Masood to commit murder is moving quickly.

The big question - did anyone know what he planned to do? He sent a Whatsapp message just minutes before the attack, and now more is emerging about Masood's violent past.

Fifteen years ago he was cleared of attended murder, after stabbing Danny Smith.

"He hit me so hard I hit the ground," Mr Smith said.

"I knew I'd been stabbed I didn't know how bad it had been, it was just the hot feeling, but then I felt him stabbing me in the back."

On Wednesday Masood was a multiple murderer, before he was shot dead.