Boob job 'deepest regret of my life' - Nicola Robinson

  • 28/03/2017

Former Kiwi model Nicola Robinson, previously known as Nicky Watson, says she regrets getting breast implants, calling them "toxic silicone implants".

The wife of My Kitchen Rules TV judge Pete Evans told Channel 7's Sunday Night it was the "deepest regret of my life".

"I wasn't leading a natural life, which is why I have two toxic silicone implants attached to my chest," she said.

She says she had more work done because she feared she wasn't the best she could be.

"You know, I dabbled in fillers, Botox, all sorts of things that were driven by my fear."

"To try and make myself feel better."

Robinson was previously married to New Zealand Warriors league club owner, Eric Watson. They divorced in 2003.