Bystanders ignore brutal 'racist' beating at Melbourne train station

  • 24/03/2017

A video shot at a Melbourne train station shows a young woman being brutally beaten while bystanders watch.

"Today [Thursday] at Sunshine train station. According to the witness who provided me with the footage, this was an unprovoked and racially-motivated attack," said Avi Yemini, who posted it to Facebook.

"The 'dark-skinned' girl was allegedly screaming racial abuse at the victim before launching into this horrific attack."

The girl, wearing a pink shirt, is punched and dragged by her hair along the ground by a woman wearing a denim jacket.

She's then kicked and stomped while she curls up to defend herself.

A group of commuters stand around and watch the attack. A man wearing an orange shirt comes over to break the fight up - but doesn't check on the victim.

As the bystanders walk away, the young woman slowly picks herself up and walks towards the train.

The onlookers' indifference has sparked rage amongst online commenters.

"What disgusts me more is NO ONE went up to see she was okay. What world do we live in!? For goodness sake!! All those people who just walked past and if nothing. How would you like it if that was your sister, daughter, niece, friend!?" Nicole Campbell said.

"One person out of all those people actually has morals and steps in and helps the young girl but why didn't anyone go over to her and offer some help? What a hard world we live in, really lacking empathy," Donna Fowler said.

"Only one person went to this young woman's aid. After the abuser bashed & left her no-one went to the young woman to see if she was ok. What is wrong with people- everyone is too scared to get involved. This is just not Australian," Bronwyn Hall agreed.