Chinese boy dangled over river, forced to answer math quiz

A Chinese father has taken homework to the next level by dangling his son above a river while shouting maths questions at him.

A video, taken in China's Sichuan Province, shows the boy hanging from a rope and screaming. He's then lowered by the man until he is just above the river.

The father said it was to "teach him a maths lesson", despite his son begging him: "Don't let go!"

"You're not to cry. If you cry, I'll let go," the dad replies, before saying: "Question one. Are you listening?"

"I'm listening," the terrified child calls back - but the dad then asks: "Are you still crying?"

"No! Start, start, start!" the boy shouts.

"Eighty eight plus 12," the boy's father responded.

Witnesses say the boy was hung above the river until he gave the right answers to a number of questions.