Cruising for a bruising: Ship almost crashes into Florida home

A cruise ship is supposed to be a relaxing experience, but when the vessel's hurtling towards your home, it's anything but. 

A video filmed by Florida woman Yasmine Todhunter shows her husband, Bill, futilely waving his arms at the Celebrity Equinox as it comes within a hair's breadth of their waterfront home. 

"It's too close! Come on, Bill," Ms Todhunter shouted, ready to flee their US$2.3 million (NZ$3.3 million) Port Everglades property. 

It's clear Mr Todhunter hadn't learnt to pick on someone his own size yet, paling in comparison to the 304-metre long ship. 

Mr Todhunter told WLPG-10 News that when the ship stopped, he yelled: "Somebody is going to get fired!" which had many of the nearly 3000 passengers applauding. 

The boat, owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises, was looking for a new spot to park up during a 10-day trip because their regular dock was closed for the night. 

The company believed it was all smooth sailing despite the Todhunters' fears; the ship was operated safely, nobody was in danger and the ship didn't run aground, they wrote in Facebook post. 

Mr Todhunter, however, thinks the water became dirty after the close call suggesting it did beach, and has sent the video off to the Coast Guard for a closer look.