Cyclone Debbie: Drenched cockatoo dies despite rescue

A bedraggled cockatoo rescued when Cyclone Debbie struck Queensland on Tuesday (local time) has died.

The bird, named Debbie by rescuer and Townsville Bulletin photographer Alix Sweeney, was found during the category 4 storm, feathers stripped and shivering.

All around her was devastation - shattered branches, torn leaves.

Ms Sweeney rescued the little bird, wrapping her in a towel and caring for her in a box.

She seemed as though she was recovering, eating sunflower seeds and dry biscuits, but she wasn't drinking, Ms Sweeney said.

Severe flooding meant no wildlife carers could reach the motel at Airlie Beach, but they gave advice over the phone.

"It was just unfortunate that we couldn't access an eye dropper or a syringe to try and give it water," Ms Sweeney said.

Debbie was buried in the forest where she was found, along with two other cockatoos and a peewee which were also killed in the storm.