Cyclone Debbie: Kiwi horse owner unfazed by impending cyclone

A New Zealand man living in north Queensland doesn't seem bothered by an impending cyclone that is set to be the state's worst in six years.

Queensland is preparing for the arrival of Cyclone Debbie - but the man told a 7 News reporter his focus was on his horses.

He was interviewed while checking up on them, while the wind whipped around the horses.

Asked if he was worried for his horse, he said "I suppose, hopefully it's not going to get much badder. But it is."

He said it was his first time in a cyclone and that was why he wasn't as "freaked out" as everyone else.

"Just as a horse owner you gotta do these things, get out and check on them first, then I'll go home," he said, casually.

Cyclone Debbie began to make landfall on Tuesday, and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology is warning of potential wind gusts of 270km/h.