Daughter upset council sticks letter on mum's grave

The letter said the decorations were an inch too big (Supplied) united kingdom cemetery
The letter said the decorations were an inch too big (Supplied)

A UK woman was left upset when she visited her mum's grave on Mother's Day, not because she was emotional, but because a council letter was stuck to the headstone.

As Sarah Handley went to place flowers on her mother Shirley's grave at Thornaby Cemetery in northeast England, she noticed what she first thought was a parking ticket, Gazette Live reports.

Sarah Handley and fiance Paul Spriggs (Facebook)
Sarah Handley and fiance Paul Spriggs (Facebook)

It was actually a notice from the Stockton Council saying the decorations around the grave were an inch bigger than allowed.

"It sounds pathetic to be arguing over a grave, but I'm really upset and annoyed," the mother-of-two said.

It had been decorated with a terracotta border, white pebbles and solar-powered lights for more than a year.

She didn't have a problem with what the letter said, but was annoyed at how it the council went about getting in contact.

"It's that they just slapped a ticket on the side of my mum's grave stone.

"My mum was such a lovely woman and she doesn't deserve this," she said.

She rang the council, which told her they'd tried to get in contact but they had an old address for her.

A council spokesman said they understood people may want to personalised their loved one's grave, but it "tries to be fair to everyone".