Dealer goes live as he goes down for weed possession

A New Jersey man with a history of wheeling and dealing weed has streamed to the world the moment the moment he was raided by a SWAT team. 

Edward Forchion, also known as 'NJ Weedman' was broadcasting on Facebook Live when armed police burst through the front door. 

Mr Forchion's eatery, NJ Weedman's Joint, was raided in April last year, and federal agents in California raided a pot farm he owned in 2012, confiscating 600 plants.

Mr Forchion has been charged with selling marijuana, local media reported, after a confidential informant for police bought some from him multiple times before the raid, and dobbed him in. 

In a 16-second long video, Mr Forchion is seen sitting on a bed at 1:20pm, awaiting his arrest. 

The Weedman had posted an earlier status saying: 'The police are at Debbie's house ..... wtf. Help.'

In his Facebook Live broadcast, Forchion says: "I hear car doors opening, but I'm not going to go near the door." 

Moments later officers burst in and tell him to show his hands.