Dine and bash: US woman initiates diner scrap with a fork

A US diner with a history of violent incidents has hosted one of its most ferocious attacks ever, after a "rowdy weekend crowd" brought their domestic dispute to the restaurant - and started a brawl using a fork.

The fight at Park City Diner in Lancaster, Pennsylvania involved as many as four women but focuses on just two - one of whom repeatedly and brutally punches the other while she's pinned down in a booth.

As the pair are separated, the woman who had been on the receiving end of the beating is seen lifting her head, which is bloodied after the punches she had received.

Cheering can be heard throughout the brawl - and the diner's shift manager Hichem Radoui says he and the rest of his staff are doing the best they can to stop such incidents from becoming more commonplace.

"As a manager and as a staff, we try our best to avoid any kind of problem, but you have these certain people who are really aggressive and no one wants to be close to them," he told Lancaster Online.

"We don't want that kind of business. We want people to come here and eat in peace. But people see this kind of thing and they get worried and scared."

Mr Radoui said he believes those involved in the fight knew each other, and said he had witnessed one attack another with a fork before it became an all-out brawl.

He explained that the diner had been the setting for a number of attacks in recent years - including one three weeks ago that saw a staff member injured and left unable to work.

Discussions between Park City Diner and local police have been proposed in an attempt to improve the restaurant's security.