Diner furious as cafe calls mother 'weird freak'

  • 28/03/2017
Weetons receipt
Weetons receipt (Steve Dempster / Harrogate Advertiser)

A UK cafe has apologised to a customer after labelling his wife a "weird freak" on his order receipt.

Steve Dempster complained on social media about the incident at Weetons cafe in Harrogate, when his wife ordered a smaller omelette for their baby son.

"They said why don't you just order a normal omelette and she explained that he wouldn't eat it all so could she just have a smaller portion," he said.

"My wife used to work there and so she knows that if someone wants to order something off the menu you just put it through the till by typing it in a note to the chef.

"I think she was being served by the cafe manager who was training up a new member of staff. They went to type the request in and my wife noticed that the other member of staff sniggered, so she asked for a copy of the receipt."

Mr Dempster included a photo of the receipt with his online post. The receipt reads: "Omelette: Small egg & tom omlette for weird freak. [sic]"

Mr Dempster's wife had her money refunded and was told by staff they couldn't give her an explanation for the comment when she confronted them, the Harrogate Advertiser reports.

"It's not like she's made some ridiculous demand, not least to say she was really upset and asked them 'did I really deserve this treatment?'"

The cafe's manager, Keren Shaw, has apologised in a statement.

"Unfortunately today one of our staff acted in an incredibly unprofessional way and we are extremely sorry," Ms Shaw said.

"We have made a direct apology to the customer concerned and will be taking up the matter internally with the staff involved."