Donald Trump surprises schoolkids on White House tour

US President Donald Trump has given a group of schoolchildren on a tour of the White House the shock of their lives by popping out while they were looking at a portrait of his presidential rival Hillary Clinton.

The children, who were visiting all the way from Birmingham, Alabama, were astonished to see the former real estate mogul step out from behind a door in the East Wing's Cross Hall.

To loud cheers, Mr Trump welcomed one of the students to come out from behind a barrier and meet him, with a 10-year-old boy coming forward to receive a hug and a few words of encouragement.

They then posed for photographs and Mr Trump walked off down a corridor, while the kids present all shared their amazement and the images and videos they had taken on their phones.

However it was only after the footage came out that many realised that he had taken the limelight off his great rival Hillary Clinton, who shared a fierce election campaign battle with him in 2016.

He stood just over a metre away from a large portrait of the former First Lady, which hangs in the Cross Hall - taking all the shine off her as he lapped up applause.

The oil painting was one of a set of artworks gifted to the Clintons by former President George Bush in 2004.

The tour marked the first time since Mr Trump's inauguration that the White House was open to the public.