Eagle-eye view: Spectacular video shows fox hunt

Video of a golden eagle swooping on unsuspecting prey in Mongolia was captured from an unusual perspective - the bird's.

It's a new look at a 'bird's eye view', with a GoPro mounted on the back of the eagle's neck.

The video was a short clip from a short film called Eagle Hunters In A New World, following the Burkitshi eagle hunters in Mongolia's western plains.

"The Burkitshi are a small and dwindling community, eager to pass on their traditions in the face of growing modernization in Mongolia," GoPro wrote in the video's description.

Armed with a GoPro, the eagle takes on a fox, soaring across the plains before honing in on its target.

The battle was swift and brutal, the fox never standing a chance.

While it can be a struggle to attach cameras to most animals, it seemed simple enough for the hunters - simply a case of snapping on a collar.