'Fearless Girl' takes on Wall Street's charging bull

  • 09/03/2017

A young girl, head held high, hands firmly planted on her waist stares down an icon of Wall Street - an arena long dominated by men.

She's called "Fearless Girl", and she's taking a stand for women's equality by facing off with the charging bull.

People young and old are flocking to her.

A group of school children stopped by. One said he saw the girl as a "symbol of power". 

"I think that it's cool that they've actually put a girl standing up to the bull there," a girl said.

"Fearless Girl" on Wall Street (Reuters)
"Fearless Girl" on Wall Street (Reuters)

She's become an internet sensation. 

The idea was hatched by one of the financial world's biggest firms, State Street Global Advisors. They urge a call to action for more women to serve on corporate boards.

Lori Heinel, an executive with the firm, told CBS News: "I think she's pushing back, but she's also engaging in a powerful way. So this isn't about pushing men aside. It's about claiming the space that 50 percent of the occupation rightfully should lay claim to."

"Fearless Girl" was installed in the middle of the night two days ago as a tribute to the resilience of women.

A plaque at her feet reads: "Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference."

"Charging Bull" appeared 28 years ago as a sign of Wall Street's resilience and strength after the 1987 stock market crash.

Alisa France works on Wall Street and commended the statue.

"She's great. She's amazing. She's powerful and I think just opposite the bull it shows that in this little girl... it doesn't matter your size… you have that power in you," France said.

The statue was created by artist Kristen Visbal.

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