Female bodybuilder apologises for mocking gym goer's love handles

Female bodybuilder apologises for mocking gym goer's love handles
"I bet she's ordering burgers for delivery," she wrote (Diana Andrews / Instagram)

A body builder who body shamed another gym goer has been hit with a torrent of criticism.

Londoner Diana Andrews took a video of a woman on a treadmill. She then wrote "love handles" on it and posted it to Instagram.

She then made anther post saying: "I bet she's ordering burgers (using burger emojis) for delivery."

However she has now made her accounts private and apologised after being attacked for her comments.

 "I want to explain myself for what I have done Tuesday evening after my training session. I saw this girl walking on the treadmill talking on her phone and I made a video and added a comment that she's probably ordering take away," she wrote on Facebook.

"The whole point of this video was that she's using her phone while on the treadmill. The whole story was turned upside down by taking a screenshot and adding comments that I'm body shaming this woman.

"I would never do this it's not who I am. I'm always encouraging people to do their best and push themselves. I'm here to motivate especially women to don't be afraid and get that work done. People that know me knows I'm not a bully.

"I deeply regret that I took that video."