Firefighters called to save man's private shame

Angle grinder

An Irishman is relieved and intact after firefighters had to use an angle grinder to cut a metal ring off his penis, a new report reveals.

The titanium ring was stuck on the man's penis for about seven hours, before he made the embarrassing call to Dublin's emergency services.

At Mater University Hospital, medical staff couldn't remove it, so firefighters helped out with an angle grinder, and cut the ring off in a delicate 20-minute operation.

It was a rare case of "penile strangulation" which had caused the man pain and swelling, and could have led to 'organ-threatening complications' the report in the Irish Medical Journal said.

The report was titled: "Multidisciplinary emergent removal of a metal penoscrotal constriction device".

The man was sedated while the grinder was used to remove the obstacle, and he has made a "full functioning recovery".

It's unclear why he put the metal ring on his penis, but it may have been an attempt to improve sexual performance, the report said.

Titanium is known as one of the strongest metals in the world.