First-time surfer's live interview during New York blizzard

The weather in New York is abysmal at the moment - temperatures are sitting around the 0degC mark, strong northeasterly winds have bombarded the state, and snow and sleet has covered the streets.

So when PIX11 news agency sent a reporter down to Long Beach for a live cross on the conditions, they weren't expecting to see a surfer finishing off a morning of wave-riding.

But that's exactly what they got - and they managed to land what will likely be their most memorable interview of the year.

After inviting the man, Adam, to speak with her on camera, she asked him how the waves were.

"They were a little bit sloppy," he said, before telling the reporter that he'd been able to get a little bit of action amongst the waves.

He then appeared to get bored of answering questions, and asked one of his own.

"Do you have a van here, per chance?" he said, and upon the reporter answering yes, asked whether he'd be able to get a lift home with her and her camera operator.

The reporter was able to laugh his question off and resumed her interview, quizzing him on whether he always hits the water when large storms hit the coast - but his answer threw her off course.

"No, this is my first time," Adam said, before clarifying that it wasn't just his first time surfing during a storm, but his first time surfing ever.

"You thought this was the best day to go out surfing as a first-timer?" she asked, gesturing towards the snow-covered, wind-ravaged beach behind her.

"Yeah, I heard offshore winds are good for waves, so I figured since New York is south-facing, the north winds will be offshore," Adam explained.

Waves in New York have been between 6 and 10 feet in height during the storm period, according to reports.