Four minute stop by cops wins $3000 in court

A Sydney man has been awarded more than AU$3000 after being stopped by police officers for four minutes at a train station.

The court ruled it amounted to false imprisonment.

Twenty-four-year-old Sam Le recorded the incident, when he was approached by two officers in January last year at Liverpool train station.

They asked him for his Opal card - the Australian equivalent of a Hop card - and pensioner concession card, as well as his driver's license.

When Mr Le initially refused to hand over photo ID, saying the required information was on the cards already handed to the police, he was called a "smart arse".

One officer involved told the court he suspected Mr Le had stolen the concession card as he was "young and fit", but the judge dismissed his suspicion as "honest" but "tenuous".

Mr Le told the court he was on a disability pension.

He was told to wait while police verified his ID over radio, which ended up taking four minutes and 15 seconds, before being told he was "free to go".

A judge ruled the detainment amounted to unlawful imprisonment, awarding Mr Le AU$3201 in damages and interest.