Gang of turkeys seen circling dead cat

A bizarre death dance involving a gang of turkeys and a dead moggy in the middle of the road has baffled plenty.

Jonathan Davis was on his way to work in Massachusetts and drove past the pagan-looking gathering, soon posting a video to Twitter. 

Fowl play isn't suspected in the cat's death - in fact, it's possible the turkeys could have been surrounding it to scope out if it was a predator. 

But even then, experts aren't too sure either.

"Making the predator aware that the prey know it's there can sometimes scare the predator away," University of California, Davis, biologist Alan Krakauer told The Verge. 

A dead cat isn't much of a threat, Krakauer says, but turkeys don't like the taste of carcass, so it's not a pre-meal dance either. 

Male turkeys are also known to use the circling manoeuvre to court a new partner.