Giant 'cannabis blunt' washes up in Florida

  • 29/03/2017
Giant 'cannabis blunt' washes up in Florida
The "very smelly" 5kg marijuana roll was found on the shore - and covered in blood (Jeff Stolowitz / Facebook)

A Florida man was left dazed and confused after discovering a 5kg "giant blunt" washed up on the shoreline - covered in blood.

Jeff Stolowitz posted photos of his discovery to Facebook, which showed a large stash wrapped in trash bags and rolled in brown paper.

"The reason I called Beach Patrol was due to the end looking bloody," Mr Stolowitz told the Daytona Beach News-Journal. "It was a bit troubling to look at."

But when Volusia County Beach Safety officers arrived, they discovered the mysterious package was a poorly-wrapped package of cannabis.

Beach safety captain Mike Berard said the marijuana was "very wet" and "very smelly".

The package was believed to have been in the water for around two weeks, based on the number of barnacles which had grown on it.

Mr Berard said that blood was often added to the packages by drug smugglers in an effort to distract drug-sniffing dogs.