Girl, 12, dies after being overcome by deodorant fumes

Paige Daughtry, 12, died after being overcome by deodorant fumes (Lancashire Police)
Paige Daughtry, 12, would spend hours spraying herself out of fear she would smell (Lancashire Police)

Paige Daughtry was so concerned about the way she smelt that it ultimately killed her, a coroner has ruled. 

Her mother says she used spray-on deodorant "as if it was going out of fashion" - and it is believed the chemicals in the aerosol affected her heart rhythm, killing her in July 2016.

The 12-year-old was found face down by her mother and was rushed to hospital in Blackball, near the English coast. She died two hours later. 

A can of Right Guard deodorant was found near her, and Paige is believed to have inhaled the aerosol deodorant fumes while listening to music.

Doctors say she inhaled a mixture of butane and isobutene. They say there was no evidence of chronic use, but Paige's mother testified saying otherwise. 

"She would spend hours in the bedroom and would spray and spray as she didn't want to smell. She used to spray it in small rooms and I used to tell her off," she says. 

Forensic pathologist Dr Jonathan Metcalfe says the cause of death was "inhalation of volatile substances," known to be found in the deodorant.