Girlie Glue: the product to bling out your baby

accessorized baby looking in mirror
One of the blinged out babies on Girlie Glue's Facebook page (Facebook)

Want to accessorise your baby, but you're struggling to attach clips into their annoyingly bald scalps?

Luckily a new product has arrived on the scene to combat this age-old dilemma.

Enter Girlie Glue; glue made especially to attach bows, hearts and flower shapes to your baby girl's otherwise non-descript head.

The website proclaims that "it's never too early to be girlie", promising the glue will "hold her accessories in place all day long".

"Girlie Glue is great for sticking newborn bows and toddler bows to hair or skin, or helping to keep clips and headbands from slipping and sliding. All you need is a dab!" an advertisement for the product states.

Katie Hydrick, the CEO and creator of Girlie Glue, says she got sick of trying to find the right accessory for her babies, when they "didn't have enough hair for clips".

She says she "she just wanted a simple and comfortable feminine accessory", so

whipped up a batch of what became Girlie Glue. 

People constantly stopped her, asking where they could get some.

"The rest is history."

Many customers have been delighted with the results, posting pictures on the product's Facebook page of their own children now delightfully accessorised.

Others have taken a more satirical stance on the product.

"This product really works! As an infallible litmus test for identifying those who should have never been entrusted with the upbringing of children, I mean," one person commented.

"I'm going to buy some #girlieglue, shave my head and stick on random things. Train ticket, leaf, etc." another tweeted.