Gotta catch em all: Texas police unveil Pokemon-style card game

  • 31/03/2017

A south Texas police department has a new plan to build relations with kids in the community - a Pokemon-inspired trading card game called Pig-E-Mon.

In a bizarre video posted to the Aransas Pass Police Department's Facebook page, police announced the release of the cards.

"The secret's out! It's Pig-E-Mon!" the video announces. "We are Pig-E-Mon! An elite force of crime-fighters working behind the scenes!"

Each member of the department has a card, and there are currently more than 20 cards to collect. People can gather the cards from officers away from the station and police-attended events.

The cards include Pigachu, with a five-star attack called 'Flying Fury From Above', and Croc-o-lunga - described on the card as a "friendly and tactful ticketer and motivational mood modifier".

The most difficult one to collect may be the cleaning lady's, the department chief says.

Her card will be "super rare" and only available at the police headquarters.