Great-gran celebrates 44 years working at McDonald's

  • 27/03/2017
Elderly McDonalds worker Loraine Mauer with restaraunt managers
Loraine Mauer was thrown a party for her service at the local McDonald's (Facebook)

A  94-year-old  great-grandmother has just celebrated 44 years working at the same McDonald's restaurant - and she says she's eaten their food every shift. 

Loraine Mauer, 94, start working at McDonald's in 1973, after her husband retired, ABC news reported. 

It was only supposed to be a temporary job, but Mrs Mauer says she developed a love of the place and her customers.

Loyal customers and co-workers have even offered to pick her up and drop her off at home after her shift. She said they've become her closest friends and were her "life-savers" after the death of her husband. 

McDonald's put on a party to celebrate Mrs Mauer's 94th birthday and more than four decades of service. 

Ms Maurer admits she has also eaten the fast food every single shift for the past four decades. Her favourite burger is the Fillet-o-fish. 

Despite being 94, Ms Mauer says she has no plans to retire anytime soon

 "I would miss it too much," she said. "I don't want to get depressed and it's not that I don't look forward to going to work. ... It's not a job. I really and truly enjoy it."