Horrific torture of cat in US gets global help

Tortured cat Utah Sage brutal attack
Sage in happier times (China Rose / Facebook)

Warning: This article contains an image of animal abuse which may disturb some people.

The brutal torture of a cat in Utah, US, has tugged on the heartstrings of animal lovers across the world, driving them to contribute for his medical expenses.

When six-year-old Sage's owners let him outside last Thursday morning (local time), they never expected he would return home in such bad condition.

His fur was shaved and covered in hot glue and silicone, ribs snapped, toes broken, whiskers cut and face beaten.

His owner, China Rose, said he was tortured and returned with a black collar that didn't belong to them.

Tortured cat Utah Sage brutal attack
More than US$50,000 has been raised to find the person responsible for the brutal attack (China Rose / Facebook)

"How he made it home, will never make sense. But the fact that he found his way home to us, indicates how strong Sage is. He is a fighter," she wrote on Facebook.

But while he managed to get home, barely in one piece, he lost the overall battle and died of his injuries.

The Humane Society of Northern Utah covered his vet bills and is offering a reward for any information about Sage's torture.

It was originally a US$5000 reward but has since exploded as animal lovers globally banded together to donate for the cause.

As of Tuesday evening (NZ time), donations for Sage's medical care or for other abused animals has topped US$20,000, while the reward for information has jumped to more than US$50,000.

Donations have come from as far as Australia and the England, the Humane Society of Northern Utah says.

"Our motto is, 'The love of a single heart can make a world of difference', and all of you have made a huge difference... your love for little Sage is going to make a HUGE difference," it wrote on Facebook.

"I love all of you that donated for this baby... I wish we could have saved him... If love would have saved him.... all that he received from all of you would have done it."

Ms Rose says police are investigating but the family hasn't heard any updates yet.