Hot backpacker ditched by travelling companion, plenty of women offer themselves as replacements

Paddy James
Seasoned traveller Paddy James started his Australian trip on Saturday, but could still use a friend (Facebook)

A British man who had to pull out of a trip planned with his friend has offered his solo backpacker pal to the Internet - and  women are losing their minds. 

Robert Keane had to cancel his trip with Paddy James with only a fortnight's warning. They were planning a trip around Australia's east coast, and Mr Keane still wanted his friend to have a good time in his absence. 

Mr Keane advertised his mate on an Australian Backpackers Facebook page, including photos of a shirtless Paddy. 

Robert Keane's Facebook plea

The classic 'hard sell' approach wasn't needed, but neither of the pair were expecting the post to elicit the response it did. 

He's received 100 friend requests and 150 private messages from potential travellers, with one woman even joking they should ditch Australia and head straight for Vegas for a shotgun wedding. 

He left Sydney on Saturday without a travel companion, but with weeks to go, he could still find someone.


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