Indonesian army destroys 'halfwit' tiger statue

Indonesian army destroy 'halfwit' tiger statue
"Sometimes the artist was not that good," the military says (Vincent Candra / Twitter)

It was supposed to be a symbol of military might, but instead it became a laughing stock online.

The tiger statue was built to be a mascot for the Siliwangi Military Command, whose logo is a snarling tiger.

Unfortunately, the artist was "not that good", and what was supposed to be a ferocious beast turned out to be comical, and possibly inbred.

The tiger - known as macan cisewu, or laughing tiger - attracted attention after its visage was posted to social media.

Commenters joined in the fun by questioning the sculptor's artistic talent and sobriety, and the tiger's intelligence.

"Third world countries don't get nice things," one person said.

However the Indonesian Army quickly tired of the mocking, and made the decision to destroy the statue.

Siliwangi military commander Major General Herindra told the BBC that the statue had been "made long time ago in Cisewu district".

"Every unit has their own decision on how the statue was made, but sometimes the artist was not that good."

Fortunately the tiger will live on in in the world of memes.

"RIP macan cisewu, now up there with Harambe and the other legends in heaven," one person wrote.

Maj Gen Herindra said the military was examining other statues in the regions, to see if any others failed to lived up with their unit's emblems.

"If some of them are not good, we will change them," he told the BBC.


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