'Insane display of nature': Sparkling sea dazzles Tasmanian beachgoers

Tasmania's beaches have turned into something out of a storybook over the last week, the water lighting up an electric blue and dazzling beachgoers.

Stunning video of the phenomenon on the northern coast was captured by Cadby Kong and Jacob Collings.

The duo headed out to George Town as soon as they heard about the glowing sea.

"Before I began filming we both took a few moments to take it in - then we began playing with different methods of illuminating it," Mr Collings told Newshub.

"It creates a certain type of disbelief and amazement of what nature is capable of - then you jump around a little bit."

It was caused by billions of tiny single-celled algae called Noctiluca scintillans.

It glows an electric blue when disturbed by waves, currents - or somebody stepping into the water or running their hands through it, as Mr Kong and Mr Collings did.

"It's such an insane display of nature and I think people are resonating with it," Mr Collings said.

Marine biologists believe an increase in sightings of the mystical sea is due to warmer oceans and changing currents.