Intoxicated Scotsman confuses cement mixer with woman's behind

A Scottish man - allegedly on drugs - has been filmed trying to seduce a cement mixer, apparently after mistaking it for woman.

The middle-aged man is first seen gently fondling the cement mixer's metal rim, in a video uploaded to YouTube on Friday. He then turns to the man filming in confusion.

"I thought it was a burd, mate," he says.

"You thought it was a burd?" the man with the camera asks, laughing.

"Aye, I've not got brains, mate. I f***ing thought I was rubbing her a***," he replies.

The camera op repeats this back to him in disbelief.

The man is last seen leaning on the cement mixer and rubbing his head, perplexed by the disappearance of his "burd".

It is unclear whether his confusion came from a heavy drug intake, or the perceived similarity in appearance between Scottish women and cement mixers.