Jeff Bezos overtakes Warren Buffet as world's second richest

  • 30/03/2017
Jeff Bezos
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in 2012 (Getty)

Amazon's Jeff Bezos is now the second-richest person on earth.

The latest tally by Bloomberg's Billionaires Index shows Mr Bezos is worth around US$75.2 billion (NZ$106.9b).

A separate ranking by Forbes also has Mr Bezos's value at "just" US$75.2b.

The businessman beat investing guru Warren Buffet and Spanish fashion tycoon Amancio Ortega, worth US$74.9b (NZ$106.4b) and US$74.2b (NZ$105.4b) respectively, for second place.

The founder of Amazon added US$1.5b (NZ$2.1b) to his net worth after the company gained US$9b (NZ$12.7b) in market value on Thursday (local time).

The company's shares scored a record high after an analyst at Barclay's declared the company would "likely be one of the first trillion-dollar market cap companies".

Amazon's stock has gained in strength recently - growing more than 16 percent over the past year.

Earlier in the week the company announced a decision to purchase Souq, an e-commerce giant in the Middle East.

Still claiming the number one spot on the global rich list is Bill Gates, founder and chief executive of Microsoft, who holds an impressive US$86b (NZ$122b) fortune.