Jilted Chinese bride drags groom through streets

The internet has been left speechless after a video emerged of a Chinese bride dragging her groom through the streets in chains.

According to online news sites, the groom failed to turn up to the couple's wedding - and the bride went on the warpath.

Still in her wedding dress, she hunted him down, chained him up, and started dragging him to the altar.

A translation on YouTube captures the unfortunate bride's displeasure at the situation.

"Let go!" he shouts at her. "No way! Roll! Come home with me. You must come home."

"I'm not gonna marry you," he says.

"You must marry me. If you don't marry me, whom should I marry?" she says. "Let's go. Get going!'"

It's not clear whether the wedding went ahead - or if the whole thing was a marketing stunt or some kind of performance art.

Others suggest that it was a BDSM session that may have got out of control.