Joe Biden regrets not being President

  • 26/03/2017
Obama and Biden (Getty)
Obama and Biden (Getty)

Former US Vice-President Joe Biden has admitted regret over not running for the top job.

Mr Biden spent eight years as Barack Obama's deputy, but didn't contest the Democratic nomination in 2016, which was ultimately won by Hillary Clinton.

"I had planned on running for President, and although it would have been a very difficult primary, I think I could have won," he told the crowd at Colgate University in New York.

"Maybe not, I don't know. I was fairly confident that if I had become the Democratic nominee, I would have had a good chance to be President."

So why didn't he run? Mr Biden says when he lost his son Beau to cancer, he "lost part of [his] soul".

"I knew I couldn't do it."

If he had been elected President, at 74 Mr Biden would have been the oldest in the United States' history to assume office. That record is currently held by Donald Trump, who was 70 when he was inaugurated in January.

The oldest President the US has ever had is Ronald Reagan, who was 77 when his term ended.