Kangaroo taken for a walk down Detroit street

Taking your dog for a walk down the street is a common sight, a cat, less so. A kangaroo?

A video showing a kangaroo on a leash hopping down a street in Detroit has raised eyebrows, but it turns out there's actually a very reasonable explanation.

Javon Stacks, who owns a travelling exotic zoo, hopped forward to clear everything up with local media.

He was at a children's birthday party with the roo, two-year-old Darwin, when he took him out to get some space to hop for the birthday girl to see.

Mr Stacks told Detroit News the mobile zoo helps kids learn and get some hands-on experiences with animals they wouldn't usually get a chance to see.

"We educate people," he said.

"When people don't know, people tend to judge things."

But while Mr Stacks says he's being travelling with the zoo for the last 10 years, he and Darwin could be in trouble with local officials.

Detroit Animal Control said they were investigating the roo's appearance, as it's illegal to own an exotic animal in the city.

A spokesperson said it was the first time they had ever gotten a call-out about a kangaroo.

Mr Stacks told Detroit News his travelling zoo was licensed and he often goes to schools and libraries, as well as private parties.