Kiss Cam catches woman kissing stranger - but is it real?

(Atlanta Hawks)
(Atlanta Hawks)

A video of a 'Kiss Cam' fail in the United States has gone viral but has many calling it a public relations stunt.

During a recent Atlanta Hawks NBA basketball game, the 'Kiss Cam' scans across the crowd trying to get couples to kiss on camera.

The first few couples participate by kissing much to the cheer of the crowd.

That is when a guy and a girl appear, showing the girl willing to participate but failing to get the attention of her partner who is too interested in drinking his beer and showing no signs of wanting a kiss.

The girl then turns to the guy next to her and asks if he is interested in a kiss, to which he responds by kissing the girl in front of her partner.

He immediately shows his disapproval by getting up and leaving while the other guy sits back and enjoys his drink after getting a sneaky kiss.

The video has been viewed around the world thousands of times.

While it may have fooled some, social media was quick to question its authenticity. 

Watch the video and judge for yourself.