'Lightning bolt' gives car a speed injection

Footage has been captured of the moment a car was hit by what appears to be either lightning or a firework as it drove along a busy street.

The car is seen travelling at a much higher pace immediately after being struck, presumably due to the burst of energy propelling it forward.

The vehicle then comes to a stop about 50 metres from where the eplosion occured, and the occupants, visibly panicked, put on hazard lights and get out as smoke engulfs the car.

Moments later, a swarm of dozens of people come running towards the vehicle to make sure those inside are alright.

Though possibly shaken, those on the inside should theoretically have been unharmed. While rubber tyres do little to protect the occupants of a car, the metal chassis conducts electricity around the exterior of the vehicle and doesn't reach the interior, protecting those inside.

The location in which the video was filmed and the state of the vehicle and its occupants is unknown.