Man kicks cat over fence in sickening attack

Warning: This video contains footage which may disturb some people.

A sickening attack on a cat as it's kicked over a fence has been caught on video.

It's not known where the video was filmed, originating on Facebook but being shared across the world with more than 372,000 views.

A man can be seen taunting the cat with a treat, luring it up onto its hind legs as it meows.

As it begins to sit again, the man brutally kicks it in its side, sending it flying across a lawn and over a nearby fence.

The person filming can be heard laughing in shock as the cat flies through the air.

The video was posted on Ratchet Videos Facebook page, which claimed it wanted people to "like and share so he can be found and charged".

It's drawn horrified comments from animal lovers calling for the man to be severely punished.

"He needs his ass beat. This is so pathetic to do this to a poor animal," one wrote.

"How the hell can humans be so cruel!! I'm in absolute shock and fury!!" said another.

But there's also a lot of speculation the video is a hoax.

One user reported seeing a frame where there is no cat, while others pointed out the weight of a cat would make it impossible to send it that far at that angle.

However, a slow-motion replay of the video shows the limbs moving independently as it's in the air.