Neo-Nazi deadbeat changes his name to Hitler

Isidore Heath Hitler
The Nazi fan wants to live up to Hitler's name (Christopher Sadowski)

For neo-Nazi Isidore Heath Campbell, it's not enough to just worship genocidal dictator Adolf Hitler.

From May 8, the 43-year-old New Jersey man and Donald Trump supporter will be officially known as Isidore Heath Hitler.

"I'm named after a hero," Hitler told local news site

"The judge approved it. My name is Hitler now."

Hitler - the New Jersey one, not the German one - first made headlines in 2008 when he asked a local store to bake a cake with the words 'Happy Birthday, Adolf Hitler' on it for his son.

The infamous Hitler cake (Meet the Hitlers)
The infamous Hitler cake (Meet the Hitlers)

He named his daughter Eva Braun, after the German Hitler's wife. He's since had all his children taken away.

"Hitler is a hero because he saved Germany, he brought up the economy in Germany, built the roads in Germany, gave them more jobs in Germany, he considered the people in Germany," he told

Surprisingly, he won't be the only Hitler in the United States. A 2014 documentary Meet the Hitlers interviewed a number of people with the unfortunate name - some born with it, others choosing it, including New Jersey's newest member of the clan.

Hitler - again, the New Jersey one - sees in Mr Trump the same things he admires in the Nazi leader.

"Only Trump has considered the people in America," he said. "Only Trump has. The rest of them were only in office for a pocket full of money. Trump doesn't care about that. He cares about the people.

"Trump is right, man, build that wall. We need that wall. We need to get those immigrants out of here. We need to get them all out of here."

He insists, to this day, his children - including JoyceLynn Aryan Nation, Honzlynn Jeannie and Heinrich Hons - were only taken away because of his name, and that he was a good father.

Perhaps due to his name, Hitler has been chronically unemployed, surviving on welfare.