Obama death threat-sender eyes political future

  • 09/03/2017

A man who threatened to kill ex-US President Barack Obama - and who thinks women shouldn't be allowed to vote - is running for public office in Prince William County, Virginia - and he thinks that he has a shot.

Eight years ago, Nathan Larson's name was front and centre when he emailed the Secret Service, saying he would assassinate then president Barack Obama.

A judge sentenced him to 16 months' prison with three years of supervised release - and now Nathan Larson is out.

He claims his assassination threat was merely an act of civil disobedience, and has now announced plans to run for a delegate position - though he has interesting thoughts on women in leadership.

"I think women want male leadership, and so men have to be strong," he said.

"Men have to take the stances they believe are right, and women will respect that."

Mr Larson intends to run for Virginia's 31st House District, an area encompassing Prince William and Fauquier Counties. Fauquier election officials have confirmed Mr Larson exceeded the threshold of signatures required to have his name on the November ballot.

He has a campaign pledge to subjugate women if he makes it to Richmond - but he still thinks women will vote for him because "what we're doing now isn't working".

Mr Larson wants to run as a libertarian, but The Libertarian Party of Virginia is now distancing itself from him, with chairman Bo Brown saying the party plans to expel the candidate during a March 26 meeting.

"There's no chance he'll be running with this party," Mr Brown said in a phone interview.

"He should be able to run, but if you continue to run, your character will come into question."

Mr Larson plans to run as an independent candidate after state Libertarians expel him later this month. Official certification for candidates without party affiliations takes place on June 13, with election officials reporting Mr Larson at this point only needs to file financial disclosure forms.

"If you're independent it just means you're running an experimental campaign. And sometimes it may mean you're ahead of your time," he said.

The vote on whether to expel Mr Larson from the party is coming up in less than three weeks.

CBS News