Passengers stuck mid-air on Dreamworld ride

Dreamworld generic (Getty)
The park was closed for several months after an accident last year (Getty / file)

Eight passengers were left mid-air when a ride at Dreamworld, on Australia's Gold Coast, got stuck on Monday afternoon.

The BuzzSaw ride stopped on an incline, leaving passengers hanging, according to a video posted by Nine News.

A spokesperson said they were in the air for less than 30 minutes and in a statement, Dreamworld said no passengers were in danger.

"The BuzzSaw auto-stop sensor was engaged today. Auto-stopping and resetting of rides is a regular and essential part of operations," it said.

"It occurs for a variety of reasons, from sensor alignment to guest behaviour or weather.

"Guests are not placed in danger by auto-stops occurring. They are an essential built-in part of ride safety systems and manufacturer's specifications."

Four people were killed last year when the Thunder River Rapids ride malfunctioned.

Nine rides were closed down during an investigation into the incident, including the BuzzSaw ride.

The park itself was closed for several months but reopened in December, while the Thunder River Rapids ride was demolished.