Remember Boaty McBoatface? He's back on the water


Boaty McBoatface is now a submarine and poised to begin its maiden voyage on a two-month trip documenting global warming affects.

The high- tech remotely operated submersible was given the name by British officials after last year's popular vote to name a ship failed to come to fruition.

In early 2016, the Natural Environment Research Council launched a public vote to name a ship.

The public's input resulted in the favourite suggestion being Boaty McBoatface, something officials hadn't anticipated.

Despite the overwhelming popularity of the name it was dropped in favour of a more suitable name in the RRS David Attenborough.

However in a sign of acknowledgment of how popular the vote was, the powers that be have finally delivered on the public's decision, ironically naming the small submarine Boaty McBoatface which will be based on the RRS David Attenborough during its journey into the Antarctic and Southern oceans. 

It's a move that has proved popular on social media.

The planned voyage is expected to take off in 2019.

The construction of the RRS David Attenborough is still ongoing and is expected to cost more than NZ$340 million.