Russian zoo sues after raccoon used in 'erotic' video

Russian zoo sues after racoon used in 'erotic' video
Thomas the raccoon came back traumatised and "attracted to women's breasts" (Art-msk / YouTube)

A Russian zoo is taking legal action after an advertising agency hired one of its raccoons - to make an "erotic" video.

The petting zoo - whose motto is "little animals are not toys" - occasionally rents out its animals to be used in films and advertisements.

Advertising agency Art-Msk used the raccoon, named Thomas, to shoot an ad for a lingerie brand.

Unfortunately the raccoon got a little frisky, and the zoo was shocked when it saw the footage, which featured Thomas in bed with a topless model.

Zoo spokesperson Viktor Kiryukhin told the BBC that Thomas came back traumatised, and "attracted to women's breasts".

Mr Kiryukhin said he believed the video studio had "put out some treats for him, so he associated breasts with a treat".

Thomas' new behaviour disturbed the zoo's female staff, who were subjected to unwanted attention from the raccoon.

"It took two to three months to change his behaviour. Now he is happy again... but he was sad before," he told the BBC.

Advertising studio said the clip wasn't erotic as they were planning on broadcasting it on state television.

They blame the incident on the raccoon, who allegedly stole the actress' bra.