Self-driving Uber car flips in Arizona high-speed crash

  • 26/03/2017
The Uber car seen on its side (Mark Beach/Twitter)
The car seen on its side (Mark Beach/Twitter)

Uber's self-driving car programme is in doubt after one of its vehicles was involved in a high-speed crash.

The self-driving Volvo was seen on its side on a road in Tempe, Arizona, next to another car with smashed windows and dents.

A person was in the Uber car when the accident happened, but it's not known if they were in control of the vehicle, reports Bloomberg.

The accident was the fault of the driver in the other vehicle, who failed to give way to the Uber car, say police.

It's not known if the Uber car had the chance to prevent the collision, and, if so, whether the driver or the car was to blame.

Uber is investigating and has suspended testing autonomous vehicles in the meantime.

No one was hurt in the accident.

Uber moved its self-driving car testing to Arizona after it was banned from San Francisco for failing to register its vehicles.