Self-proclaimed 'Bonnie and Clyde' accused of killing Texas teen

Ashley Coleman Instagram
The accused posing with guns in a photo shared online (Instagram)

Police in Dallas, Texas have arrested two people for allegedly boasting in a Facebook video about shooting someone, soon after a man was killed in a nearby suburb.

Hakeem Griffin-White, 17, and Ashley Coleman, 27, were arrested last Sunday and each charged on one count of murder, local police say.

Before the killing, Coleman and Griffin-White, who dub themselves 'Kash n Keem' online, posted a video on Facebook in which they talk about shooting someone. The video has since been deleted.

On Instagram they shared a picture, the woman with an assault rifle and the man with a pistol in his hand. The caption says: "IM HIS BONNIE HE MY CLYDE."

Authorities have not confirmed the couple in the picture are Griffin-White and Coleman, but the post was made on Coleman's Instagram account.