Spring Break ends in bikini brawl

A brutal bikini brawl off the coast of Texas ended in a wild victory dance - when a bystander twerked over the loser's head while she reeled from the blows.

The girls, aged 17 and 18, locked horns after the brunette caught her blonde counterpart dancing with her boyfriend on the final day of Spring Break. 

Several Twitter users filmed the vicious encounter, which the girl known as Kelsey says she lost because she was the drunkest of the two. 

The two were captured getting lippy, before the darker haired girl in the baseball jersey curled up her fist and let it fly. 

After a single blow to the nose, the 18-year-old, in the black and green bikini, was the worse for wear and lay motionless on the South Padre Island beach. 

But, it was nothing a cigarette couldn't fix; a following video captures Kelsey being cradled by a friend, with a smoke in her mouth. 


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