Stopped in their tracks: Suspected thieves caught dragging TV across railroad

Video has emerged of the moment a train had to stop in its tracks in southeast Melbourne after three people towing a cart with a flatscreen television perched on top got stuck on a railway line.

In the footage, which was posted to Facebook on Saturday, Frankston local Cale Chapman can be heard asking the trio what they're doing.

While they don't respond to him directly, one of the group members can be heard yelling "We've gotta go!" and "Oh mate, we may just have to leave it [the TV] here".

While a train is never seen, it can be heard tooting its horn from a distance at the trio left on the tracks - and after a short while, two police officers make it to the scene and begin to talk to them.

Upon the police's arrival, one member of the trio is seen dragging the TV off its makeshift trolley and scraping it along the ground for a few steps, before another tells him to "just leave it - there's no point now".

The footage looks as though it may have been a burglary gone wrong - a view shared by Mr Chapman, who wrote the hashtag "#lockyourdoorspeople" when he posted the video.

It's not known whether the television was stolen, nor what consequences the three face if they were involved in illegal activity.

The footage has now been viewed more than 278,000 times and shared close to 2000.